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Please read the following terms of use before using this portal site. Users of this website are required to comply with all the following terms and conditions. Those who agree to these terms of use need to click the gagreementh button at the bottom of the screen in order to access the Tsunami Trace Database.



1. Objective of the Database

In order to use the Tsunami Trace Data (data on locations of traces hit by tsunami in the past) for the safety assessment of nuclear power plants and other facilities, Tohoku Universityfs School of Engineering and the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES) have developed the Tsunami Trace Database (hereinafter referred to as the gDatabaseh) in cooperation with tsunami experts. About 20,000 trace data of tsunami registered in the Database are each given a reliability rating based on a detailed review by tsunami experts. Consequently, the Database, which is managed with a database management system based on Web-GIS, is designed to enable users to search for and retrieve reliable tsunami trace data in accordance with their objectives. In order to provide the results of our research not only for research into nuclear safety or tsunami, but also to local governments for tsunami disaster prevention and residents living in coastal areas to prevent tsunami disasters, we have released the data in the Database in stages from October 2010 onward.

Users of the Database are required to observe the following conditions.



2. Terms of Use

 (1) Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights regarding the Database belong to Tohoku Universityfs School of Engineering and the Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES). The copyright for the figures and photographs registered that were originally produced for the Database also belongs to Tohoku Universityfs School of Engineering and JNES.

The copyright for the data, including trace information, photographs, figures and tables, that are included in the articles and documents registered in the Database generally belongs to the authors, photographers or writers who produced said data. Accordingly, the data are all registered in the Database with the permission of copyright holders.


(2) Approved usage of the Database

Users of the Database are permitted to search for and retrieve tsunami trace information and to download files from this website under the conditions specified in these terms of use.


(3) Usage restrictions

It is forbidden to use this website in any way or for any purpose that violates laws, ordinances or public policy.

When presenting, duplicating, loaning or selling tsunami trace information to third parties (including operations conducted via electronic media or networks), users of the Database must explicitly indicate that the information was taken from the Tsunami Trace Database.

Users of tsunami trace data from this website protected by copyright must observe the following conditions:

Obligation to provide citations

When presenting publications and websites that contain results obtained from the Database or files downloaded from this website, users must explicitly indicate that they have taken data from the Database, regardless of whether they are presenting the information in publications, websites or other media.

Prohibition of duplication, etc.

Users are not allowed to do the following without written permission:

(1) Duplicating databases or downloaded files in order to distribute them to third parties

(2) Using databases or downloaded files for online services open to persons other than users themselves

(3) Using databases or downloaded files in order to sell products or services (commercial usage)


(4) Disclaimers

Information registered in the Database is collected and organized by Tohoku Universityfs School of Engineering and JNES from data recorded in existing documents. Records on individual traces are each given a reliability rating by conducting field and document surveys where necessary and that is based on a review by the Tsunami Trace Database Review Committee.

Tohoku Universityfs School of Engineering, JNES and the Tsunami Trace Database Review Committee bear no responsibility for loss or damage related to the use of the Database or files downloaded from this website. Since the Database is still under development, there is a possibility that some of the registered data may be corrected during future document and field surveys.


(5) Cautions

i) Accuracy of trace data

The locations (longitudes and latitudes) of tsunami traces in the Database are identified (or estimated) as accurately as possible based on information obtained from the place names (or area names) provided in documents and attached maps, and also by conducting additional surveys if necessary.

- Locations of traces hit by tsunami cannot be pinpointed in some of the cases included in the Database due to the lack of appropriate information or maps in documents or as a result of names of large areas being recorded in documents instead of more specific place names.

- When using individual tsunami trace data, especially for the purpose of checking the results of a numerical analysis of tsunami (tsunami simulation analysis), users are recommended to use the data in combination with not only information on the heights (numerical values) of tsunami and their locations (longitudes and latitudes), but also with the reliability ratings assigned to individual trace data.

- The Database includes data on major tsunami that occurred from 1596 AD onward, and the names of places (or areas) recorded in documents may differ from their current names. Although we conduct surveys to check registered location information as far as is possible, users are recommended to study the original documents for themselves.

@@ii) Registration and release of tsunami trace data

We are gradually registering and releasing data for the Database, beginning with large tsunami that had serious effects on coastal areas. To date, we have registered tsunami trace data on more than 20,000 locations and are gradually releasing these data, starting with those that have been assigned reliability ratings based on a close review by tsunami experts. When using these data, please be aware that the numbers of tsunami records registered and released for some locations may be smaller than the numbers of tsunami actually recorded. Users should also take note that the data registered in the Database do not cover all tsunami trace data in Japan.

Although we make every effort to avoid errors and mistakes when entering data into our database, please let us know if you have noticed any errors or mistakes. Please also note, however, that we do not bear any responsibility for loss or damage resulting from the use of the Database.

iii) Server maintenance and other operations

The Database may be temporarily shut down for server maintenance and other system management operations. Users will be notified in advance of such temporary shutdowns.


(6) Linking to the website

There is no particular procedure required to link to the Database, except that the destination of the link should be set to: <https://tsunami-db.irides.tohoku.ac.jp>


(7) Other

Matters that are not specified in these terms of use and unclear issues regarding these terms of use shall be settled by consultations between the parties concerned.






November 2010


Disaster Control Research Center (DCRC), Graduate School of Engineering, Tohoku University

Japan Nuclear Energy Safety Organization (JNES)